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Physical Infrastructure

S.No. Type of room No. of such rooms available No. of rooms lying vacant
1. Class room 15 NIL
2. Science Lab. 03 NIL
3. Computer Lab. 02 NIL
4. Library 01 NIL
5. Jr. Science Lab. NIL Attached with Phy. Lab.
6. Resource Room (Primary wing) 01 NIL
7. Resource Room (Secondary wing) NIL No room available
8. Activity room 01 NIL
9. Staff Common Room 01 NIL

The genesis of KV

KV namrup was started by the H.F.C (presently B.V.F.CL) proposal with K.V.S and its first session was started In 1982 with classes I to V. 

The first batch of class XII Science started in 1984 and the first batch of XII Commerce in 1997 .

The present form of school building was completed in the year 1985.

The overall board performance of CBSE result at comparative of last 14 years is 90.6% with an average Performance Index as per KVS format calculated to 60.36 for class Xth.

The alumni of KV Namrup are now working in many parts of India and abroad like Natherland, Cannada, USA, Soudi Arab, Africa, Singapore, Myanmar, etc in different fields as reported by the parent and senior local teachers of KV Namrup.

Importance milestones of growth :

Vidyalaya was established in the year 1982 by HFC (Hindustan Fertilizers Corporation), now this Namrup unit named by BVFCL (Brahamputra Valley Fertilizer Cooperation Limited). When it was started in Namrup, there was no CBSE school in this locality and nearby. 

The present structure of school building completed in 1985-86, and in 1986-87, the first batch of AISSE appeared to CBSE Exam

The structural building, at present KVS norms, does not meet standard. There are shortage of rooms for –Jr. Sc. Lab/ Resource room, Common room for Boys and Girls, Mathematics activity room, Social Science rooms, WE activity room/ Cultural room, Art Room as per standard, Store room / space for broken furniture and other unserviceable items, the auditorium. The maintenance on the building by the project authority is very poor. Only the part of work of low maintenance cost is under taking by the BVFCL sponsored authority at this present situation.

The first batch of class XII sc of AISSCE in 1986-87. The Fist batch of Commerce in 1989-99.

Gradually year wise expansion in classes and section :

The building has permanent structure at it origin. No construction to meet the requirement of rooms at this preset KVS norms has been done by the project authority.However, there is continuous demand of additional 04 rooms and an auditorium in the Vidyalaya.

Vidyalaya building is double story constructed for single sectioned classes.

Begin from 1982, Science stream stated in 1985, and commerce stream in year 1997.

The subject in Hr. Secondary level, IP introduced in 2006 and on the next year, Computer science.

Due to requirement of 2nd computer room, on adjustment, and vacated class I become second Computer Lab for Computer Literacy to Class III to X. This was made effect from 2007.

As no room has constructed from BVFCL, the WE activity room has been vacated and converted into CMP for primary wings in 2009. The Music room is shared to store/ keep the craft items, PA system. There is no room for cultural activities where students while school programme utilize to practice and as green room.

Since last consecutive years, there is irregularity of payment of dues by the sponsored unit, BVFCL. In 2008, it was issued the closer of Vidyalaya due to non payment of dues for salary of staff and later before the end of the March/09, it was re order of running school for the session 2009-10. The Arrear payment of Ex-staff of this Vidyalaya has not been transferred to their account due to non availability of fund from BVFCL.

The future scope of it expansion by the BVFCL is uncertain, but there are much public demand of CBSE school, and KV namrup is only a school to impart curriculum in NCERT and CBSE affiliation. The may die naturally if it does not change into Gove sponsored civil sector school or New 4th Unit of BVFCL demand does not turn in to reality.

Detail of campus :

Vidyalay campus is situated at the mist of the BVFCL town ship. It is located in Sector E of BVFCL residential campus.

Nearest Rly station is Namrup and 4.5 Km to KV. Taxies are available all the time of train arrival. It is also convenient to arrive from Naharkatia about 17 KM from Namrup and there is good communication of Pvt. Bus service. From Tinsukia Junction, there is frequent Pvt. bus service to Namrup or can be traveled by train to back Namrup.

There is no stoppage few of train like Brhamputa Mail / Dibrugarh – NewDelhi Rajdhani Express, in which Tinsukia will more convenient.

In case, the telephone : 0374 / 2500330, or can be asked to local people for to travel to Namrup from Tinsukia or Dibrugarh.

There is availability of quarters for the staff by the BVFCL with 24 hours service of electricity and water.

Vidyalaya campus is well protected around.

Vidyalaya has very good academic atmosphere with parents and surroundings.

Facilities available.

Quarter for staff and temporary accommodation in BVFCL Guest house at a very nominal cost to new arrival.

24 hours water and electricity facilities in Vidyalaya and quarters.

Vidyalaya has all around puce wall, inner ground is small for Kho-Kho, Kabbadi, Volley ball, and games activity for Primary wings. The outer ground for Cricket and Football is not yet mark to the game. There is a children’s park for Primary kids.

Vidyalaya has 200mbps Broad band connection for students and teachers to develop teaching materials for academic excellence and working in TQ educational websites as per the direction of RO / HQ.

LCD and OH Projectors, Library with latest publication books, games TT, Volleyball facilities for students and teachers. Other , Charts, maps, models, duplicating machines, Xerox Machine, TV with subscribed DTH service, DVD, Tape/VCD players, Digital camera, web camera which are used to develop teaching matters and for technology of education.

The library has good numbers of Text books, reference books, journals publications, magazines, Local and National news papers. There are numbers of Encyclopedia in school library, some of them in complete volumes are – Lexicon Universal Encyclopedia, Britanica Learning Library, Encyclopedia of India, Funic and Wagnalls New Encyclopedia